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Everything You Should Know About Human Growth Hormone?

The body produces a variety of hormones which are used to facilitate biological processes; Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of these hormones. It is used in boosting bone and muscle growth. This is why it is produced in large amounts during adolescence, after which its levels in the body dip dramatically. Adults can also use HGH to boost muscle development, reduce fat in the body and increase both energy and libido.

Read on to find out more about HGH, and get to understand whether you need it or not.

What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone is used in cellular growth and regeneration in the human body; it facilitates bone and muscle development. It has also been established that HGH plays a vital role in boosting physical wellness, maintaining proper function of the brain and other organs with age.

This vital hormone is naturally produced in the pituitary gland. After it is produced, HGH goes into the bloodstream and is converted into growth factors in the liver. These growth factors include Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF), which is necessary for a variety of biological processes.

There also exists a synthetic form of HGH which is synthesized in labs. This form of HGH is referred to as bio-identical HGH. This term relates to the fact that the body treats this HGH just like the natural variety produced in the pituitary gland.

It is worth mentioning that synthetic HGH for sale can be used for legal medical uses, and illegally for body building.

Benefits of HGH

A lot of adults who use HGH claim that it comes with a host of advantages. These include higher energy levels, faster healing, better sleep and not having to suffer the common aches and pains that accompany workouts. These benefits are said to improve the quality of life for users. The benefits stem from the fact that low HGH levels result in bad health.

Some HGH Facts

With the above benefits of HGH in mind, it is worthwhile for you to familiarize yourself with some important HGH facts. First and foremost, legal HGH use must be backed by a doctor’s recommendation. Being caught in possession of HGH without a doctor’s prescription will land you into a lot of trouble with the law. HGH is only administered through injections.

Your doctor should be able to recommend the proper dosage as per your needs, and also offer some tips on how to inject it. Hormones, including HGH, are serious business; abuse usually leads to serious health effects.

HGH v Testosterone

Most people who use HGH to boost muscle development consider this hormone to have the same effects as testosterone. However, a lot of debating has been going on which the best hormone between the two is. It is worth noting that those supporting the use of testosterone argue that they are boosting levels that are lower than normal. However, its use comes with a variety of dangerous side effects including increased aggression and the risk of suicidal thoughts.

HGH supplements for sale online uses, on the other hand, does not come with such severe side effects, particularly when caution is exercised.


Common Uses Of HGH

The human growth hormone is one of the vital hormones in a person’s body. This hormone is responsible for the better development of body cells, as well as in mineral synthesis hence promoting bone and tendon growth/health. Although the hormone is secreted naturally in the pituitary glands, some people’s bodies (even children) may not be capable of producing enough HGH to support healthy growth. This often leads to retarded growth in children and weak body in adults. Nonetheless, administering HGH (intravenously) can, however, induce improved growth and health for these patients. Other uses of HGH include:

1. In anti-aging products:

HGH is one of the most efficient, and common ingredients in skin care and anti-aging products. This is basically because HGH induces collagen synthesis on the skin, which helps make the skin firmer, thicker, and more elastic. The hormone also helps improve hydration levels on the skin thus taking care of wrinkles and any other aging symptoms. It is, therefore, an excellent remedy and ingredient for skin care products.

2. Stronger bones and muscles:

According to research, the human growth hormone helps improve calcium absorption into the body among other minerals. This helps improve bone density especially for seniors and people approaching their retirement age. Aside from making bones stronger, doctors believe that HGH can be used to induce healing on fractured or even broken bones on patients. Muscles also benefit significantly from this in that; the hormone improves cell and tissue repair and development. This results in stronger and well-built muscles.

3. Stamina Boost:

Low levels of HGH in the body often leads to fatigue, loss of stamina and overall energy. Nevertheless, supplementing HGH levels in your body helps restore a sense of wellness and also improves energy levels considerably. This is one of the reasons athletes and body builders use this supplement to contribute to improving their performance and stamina while exercising.

4. Inducing Weight Loss:

Obesity is one of the leading causes of depression in the world today, mainly because losing weight is proving to be a challenge to many, with most people taking on anything that promises weight loss. Using HGH alongside other weight loss measures can, however, help induce weight loss. This is because HGH is known to stimulate lipolysis, a process that helps metabolize or break down fats stored in adipose tissues. As more and more of these fats are broken down to produce energy and free fatty acids, the patient starts noticing a reduction in body mass, which is a good thing.

5. Improve cognitive functions:

Cell regeneration and growth are vital for everyone’s mental well-being. The human brain cells need to regenerate almost every other time to work properly. This is the reason why doctors recommend getting enough rest/sleep, which helps facilitate recuperation. Increasing your HGH levels in the blood stream can, however, help promote your brains capacity and memory levels. The hormone can also help you control and manage stress and other depressing issues.

If you are thinking of using these supplements for any of the reasons outlined above, it would then be best to seek a doctor’s approval on the same. This is because some people do not react well with synthetic HGH for sale online.